Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Bird challenge2

January 26, 2011

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Daffnet has been quiet –
I’m sure that in this bleek winter many of us have been feeding the birds – as we ought to do. Who can post a picture  with the greatest number of species at their feeding station at one time? One point for each species and a bonus point for each kind that is also  bears  Daffodil name.
I guess I just want to see pictures of American/ Australian/.New Zealand etc.
 birds being cared for by Daffnetters.
A bulb of ‘Burt House’ – my best pink to date, to the winner.


9 responses to “Bird challenge2”

  1. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner says:

    In this photo, you see the Female Cardinals, a Goldfinch in winter colors, in the background above & a bit on the left is a male downy woodpecker and in the lower center is a Northern Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker. This is 4 different birds close to the feeders, but we have had a bit more that I haven’t caught in photos.Tom

  2. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    I guess I’ll try to sneak in one more entry, since this is the second day of my weekend and the first time I’ve had a chance to sit in the sun room and try to catch multiple birdies at the feeders.  However, I’ve only been able to tie Tom’s photo and his is a much better photo.  My 4 are very spread out: Chickadee on the top of the back feeder post, Bluejay on the ground at the bottom of the same post, there are two male Cardinals in the photo, and one Goldfinch above and to the left of the Cardinal on the tree branch. 

    Daff names: Cardinal, Goldfinch, and Chickadee!

    Brian, if you can’t seen them all, I can send you a higher resolution photo.  ;->

    Becky Fox Matthews
    that daffy girl near Nashville who needs to go to the store today and buy more bird seed

  3. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Hello Becky,

    I can just about make out the 4 different birds in the picture and that’s what counts – it was not a photography competition though that may come into the reckoning in the event of a draw. That gives you 4+3 Daffodil Name bonus points = 7 and puts you in the lead by 1 point over Tom Stettner. Competition ends Sun 9th Feb. Midnight GMT.


  4. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    Congratulations, you win the bulb of ‘Burt House’ with your entry that contained 4 different birds all in the one picture as the competition asked for –  Cardinal, Chickadee and Goldfinch and Bluejay. As the first three are also Daffodil names you score 4 + 3 bonus points and just pip Tom.  It was a bit of a struggle to identify all the birds in the picture, but quality of photograph was not specified , you met the challenge, and so win the prize.

    Thanks to all who took part, there were some amazing attempts to win points by sheer numbers of one species or dubius suggeszted names that all added to the fun. I hope Ben and Nancy and those with no interest in birds, were not driven nearly mad by the numerous responses.


  5. Phyllis Hess says:

    Congrats Becky!!

    Phyllis Hess

  6. Tracey Putnam Culver says:

    Congrats, Becky, and thank you, Brian, for the mid-winter fun! I loved seeing all the birds from all over the place, and now I know where all our blackbirds go for the winter – to Keith’s place in Texas!

  7. Joanna Lloyd Tilghman says:

    All who are interested in birds should remember the Great Backyard Bird Count which will take place on February 18 – 21, 2011. It is a great deal of fun and very helpful in tracking of the different species.

  8. Donna Dietsch says:


    I forget how to get in on the count. Do you have a link?


  9. Colleen Rourke says:

    Posted by Moana Nursery in Reno

    Colleen in NE Calif.