Blooming in the greenhouse.

January 26, 2011

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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I have a few things blooming in the greenhouse that might be  of interest.  These Include: a small form of N ‘minutiflorus’ ex Salmon where the entire flower is 1.5 cm in diameter and 14 cm high

I also have a Ta-Julia seedling from Glenbrook that is blooming well.

I have a Petunioid  N romieuxi from Jane McGary that is interesting

Finally a forecasted day above Freezing.  

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One response to “Blooming in the greenhouse.”

  1. Denis Dailey says:
    More problems for this judge of Miniatures!
    First: The size of the minitiflorus is such that I would have to examine it under a magnifying glass to find flaws – or charm.
    Second: The Ta Julia 796 seedling. How does it differ from all the other Ta Julias from Glenbrook?
    Finally: Is the McGary Petunioid  N romieuxi  different from Graham Fleming's Petunioid  N romieuxi  ?
    For more pictures of the Petunioid  N romieuxi  see Graham Fleming

    I am also interested in the "ex Salmon" part of the description – N 'minutiflorus' ex Salmon. Is it a cross between the species and one of the Salmons?