Ethel Smith, Minnesota

Daffnet Digest, New Year’s Display

January 1, 2011

Category: General

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How delightful! I didn’t stay up to watch the fireworks on TV last night – now I know why! I was so surprised this morning to see them on my computer – and a Happy New Year to all of you also!

Now, if I dare to try and walk the dog again – we managed yesterday after it poured rain all the day before and then the temperature crashed so that there is ice underfoot everywhere. It is one degree F outside right now so I think we’re stuck with a slippery mess for the next week, but no flooding or tornadoes and we’re used to the piles of snow (more got scraped off the roof just before the rains came) so it could be a whole lot worse. 

Best wishes to all my daffodil friends in 2011! Ethel Smith in MN

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