daffodil poison

January 4, 2011

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For the first time ever Spencer and I are raising indoor only cats against the will of one of them who THINKS he would like to be free to roam.  He has lowered himself to being walked on a leash—the first cat we’ve ever had who would and the first thing he wants to do when he goes out is nosh grass.  His favorite is lirope.  That would be fine, but it never stays down for long and you know if you let him eat it you’ll be picking it up from the carpet later. 
A couple of weeks ago he was bound by the leash to the front porch while I was working in a daffodil bed nearby and he decided to chew on some miniature daffodil foliage that was up and green.  I thought he’d have some immediate dislike for it, but he managed to chew up a couple of leaves and not be affected.  Until we got back inside, that is, at which time he began to howl and moan some really pitiful cat noises and look realllly ill and then he threw up and threw up and  moped around like we’ve never seen before. 
I’d like to say I think he’s learned his lesson, but the truth is, it is I who have learned from the experience, not the cat, because he is just as keen on going back to the daffodils if I’m not careful to pull him away from it.
I think maybe we are lucky his experience was not worse. 

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