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January 24, 2011

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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One response to “Daffnet members”

  1. Nancy Tackett says:

    Dear All,
    The email sent earlier today came from the sender, rather than an actual SPAM source.
    A very few (2 or 3) of our members have viruses on their machines that wake up and send a spam message to everyone in their address book. When an email is from a member’s computer, we have no choice but to believe that it is a valid message to Daffnet. After it has been determined to be SPAM, we let the individual know that it is highly likely that their computer has a virus and offer advice. We also place their account on moderation to catch future spam messages from their computer.
    In cases where members frequently stray far from the primary purpose of Daffnet, a forum for people interested in growing, hybridizing, showing, or photographing daffodils, we place them on moderation. Then all of their messages are reviewed before we accept them for Daffnet.
    Sometimes members request we hold their messages (place them on moderation) because they suspect they have a virus or a spambot on their PC.
    Daffnet administration and monitoring is surprisingly time consuming and individual message moderation makes it more difficult. SPAM is often mailed to Daffnet, but never reaches you because virus and spam scanners on the ADS mail server prevent 99% of it. The other 1% ends up in the Daffnet moderation queue, which we administrator. We manually discard the obvious SPAM messages and most non-SPAM messages from non-members. We then process messages from the few members who are on moderation, by either passing them or rejecting them.
    I hope this provides a little more information about this particular email and the processes we use to prevent SPAM.
    Ben Blake & Nancy Tackett Daffnet, Co-Administrators