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Suicide Daffodils! A cautionary tale from Margaret Seconi

January 4, 2011

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Happy New Year Daffnetters
having just finshed making two batches of plum sauce in very humid conditions here in the Wellington area NZ, I thought to catch up with Daffnet and noticed the correspondence concerning the toxicity of Daffodil Bulbs. Here is another story as told to me three weeks ago.
A very busy school Principal friend came to morning tea at the beginning of our summer holiday season and said she had a Daffodil story to share with me seeing I grew Daffodils.
 It seems that a student gave Helen a daffodil to take home one day last year and she whipped into the house and popped it into the nearest glass with water standing by her pills in the kitchen before emptying her car of groceries. The flower was then placed in a vase of it’s own  and my friend sat down to a quick meal. Just before leaving again to attend a meeting, she remembered the tablet that she had intended taking earlier so she grabbed the nearest glass of water (yes the one that the daffodil sat in for a short time) and drank it along with the tablet. Helen said that the effect was instant as her whole body began to contract as vomiting began immediately. Realising what she had done, as soon as she could she phoned the National Poison Centre and said what was happening.
Their reaction was one of relief because the vomiting etc. was the best treatment she could have, so they reminded her about the dangers of dehydration and said to rest when her body allowed her too. Next day the doctor gave her an ‘all clear’ and she has had no further side effects.
Helen said that it was a dreadful experience ‘like the worst ever case of food poisoning ever’ but one that has taught her to slow down  a little and check what ever she pops into her mouth.
Helen still likes daffodils as cut flowers though.
Thankyou all for the greetings and lovely cards. We do enjoy playing them.
Margaret Seconi 

One response to “Suicide Daffodils! A cautionary tale from Margaret Seconi”

  1. Marilyn Howe says:

    Daffodils have been known as a purgative since the earliest  herbals were printed.

    Happy New Year!

    Marilynn Howe