John McLennan, New Zealand

more staging .

February 5, 2011

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A  few  more  collection  classes from  the  Palmerston  North National  ..
No  critism  of  any  of  the exhibits  intended  ; they  are  all  as  scheduled 
as no  particular  style  is stipulated  in  our  show  regulations  ..
All  fine  exhibits which  helped make a great  show  —  2102  blooms.
As  part  of  the  Central  organising  team  we  were  very pleased  ..  Thanks  all .
Another  6  vases  of 3  bloom class .
Balance  and  flowers  look  great  , but what  caught  my  eye  was  the  tall
vase  at  the  back  left  …
Two  fine  entries from  the  open  grade  .
Both  have  6  white  and  6  yellow  backed flowers  .
One is  5 – 4 – 3  ,  the  other  4 – 4 – 4 .
Notice  the  great  line  levels  in  both  exhibits  .
Should  the  judge  notice  ..
Are  judges  allowed  —   ( secret )  —   preferences  .
Should it  influence  a  close  decision  in  a  close  finish  ..
Am  I  a conservative  old  relic  for  even  noticing  the  differences  .? ? ?
Just  a few  thoughts  for  a  quiet  period (  saved  by  the  birds )  on  daffnet  .
Cheers  John  .

One response to “more staging .”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    Hi John,
    I’ll take a shot at your question. 
    I think that all judges have preferences.  How can you not?  I don’t think I have consiously let my preference decide the placement of awards.  I hope not, because I think you have to put aside preferences when you are judging or you risk looking like an incompetant judge.  I can remember many times when I looked at an exhibit and said, aloud, that I just love “that” flower.  However, if the exhibit does not merit first place you do have to put aside your likes and be fair to the exhibitors.  For that reason, I also try not to notice how the person writes or what sort of identifying card they put on their exhibits.  I know one judge who sometimes types her cards, writes with several pens and prints or uses cursive when she writes them out.  As a result, for as long as I have known her, I never do know which exhibit is hers.
    Donna Dietsch Columbus Ohio