NZ earthquake

February 23, 2011

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Daffodil friends in the UK also send their very best wishes to New Zealand as the horrors of the earthquake are revealed on our TV news bulletins.
This morning we had the story of Ann Bodkin trapped alone and phoning her family to say her goodbyes. This evening we have heard the joyful news of her rescue but sadly many have not been so fortunate.
Through Daffnet, David Adams has given us an insight into how frightening it is to live with the constant fear that the daily trembles are “another big one”. I can’t imagine how people in the affected areas are feeling – my head would also be mightily “messed up”
Daffodils are beginning to open here in the UK a sure sign of impending Spring and a universal symbol of hope. Here’s hoping that the Daffodil family in New Zealand and throughout the world stays safe and strong.
I hope to see you in 2012
Jackie Petherbridge
The Daffodil Society

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