Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

P. Freckles ‘Sunnyside’and P. wardii album

February 10, 2011

Categories: Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing, Intermediates, Miniatures, Seeds

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Dear Harold,
Ran over to Theresa’s yesterday and had a great time. I am now the proud owner of P. Freckles ‘Sunnyside’ and P. wardii album. Really delighted to get both. I have read that Doug Pulley crossed Freckles with P. henryanium and got Little Orphan Annie. Have you seen any of this grex? I assume that many were Intermediate or Miniature. Theresa says that Freckles ‘Sunnyside’ is mildly fertile. Never thousands of seeds but mostly in the low hundreds. She is off to Phoenix to speak this weekend. Coming back she said she was going to stop in Santa Barbara and will visit Orchids Royale.
Finished all the field mowing and am doing the final spraying today. Another dry and sunny day! Most unusual for February. Some of the earliest things will be in bloom with the bright sun although only a very small percentage of tips are through the ground. Lots of Miniatures tipping buds. Supposed to turn sleazy tomorrow with cold rain for the next several days.

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