Ethel Smith, Minnesota

Clouds of Daffs

May 4, 2011

Category: General

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Clay, I would love to see a photo of your daffodil cloud or drift – as you describe it it sounds wonderful! Ethel Smith in MN where the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees – whee!

One response to “Clouds of Daffs”

  1. Clay Higgins says:


    I have a dry humor and when I use it I always get in trouble, but here goes.  LOL I didn’t want to post the picture becasue I was told by others that if Tom saw all those Ice Follies that he just might come to my place and file a homestead claim on the Ice Follies. LOL.

    I’ve posted pictures in the past of this entrance way/drift.  However, I will have to go back and look for the pictures and my computer that they are one is suffering from LOM (Lack of memory) and I have become extremely impatient with it. 

    Our neighbors love it.


    Clay Higgins