Fwd: Mushroom Compost and More … or, is it less ?

July 9, 2011

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Thank you George,

I hope you are keeping detailed records of your studies. I can say definitively that transplanting in bloom is a setback for most varieties. Poets seem to bounce back quickly and bloom, but not multiply as well for a couple of years, repeat bloom seems to be better for the larger size bulbs, and bulbs planted too deep or in pots in the ground multiply poorly. If anyone is interested, I may try to pull the records and enumerate some exceptions to these insights- my father tells me that wisdom comes of making mistakes – I get wiser every year- my wisecracks become… Mushroom compost ought to be great for daffodils- I seem to recall that what was sold to Bill Lee had some nasty additives? And I seem to have heard that this was not an isolated occurence and so we do not trust to use it on our gardens?

J Beck
Teenager-Oh Boy!

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