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[Historicdaff] Info about Ann?

August 19, 2011

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  Below was my answer to Nancy’s question about ‘Ann’ It was entered in a class for Jonquil Hybrids. You must always read the prologue. In the case of the  prologue for ‘Ann’ it was exhibited  as a Jonquil Hybrid by the hybridizer  Mitcthell (See Below). The originator name in the case of ‘Ann Abbott’ was G.H. Johnstone. Both Mitcihll and Johnstone were       contemporaries.

Always check the bibliography and the original reference. 


Hi Nancy,

I  have the RHS Yearbook in front of me. The flower was entered in Class 87 which was a class for Jonquil Hybrids.  It states….being second with a Ann….. The Show was the RHS show April 13 and 14, 1939.


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  1. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett says:


    Marilynn and All,

    Attached is a link to DaffSeek’s information about ‘Ann’ that was sent to the folks on the ADS Historicsnet. This photo is part of the collection from the ADS Heath Archives Project.