Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

Fwd: Re: Daffodil article in Southern Living Mag

January 21, 2012

Category: Show Results

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Judy and all,
Though ‘Ice Follies’ has been much maligned as a show flower, it would certainly be good along with the two Melissa mentioned, if you would like a whitish bloom.

Mary Lou

One response to “Fwd: Re: Daffodil article in Southern Living Mag”

  1. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I certainly agree with Mary Lou, on Ice Follies. My Clump down probably 10-15 years just gets bigger and bigger each year with no digging or transplanting. A mass of bloom each year. Another you should consider with some color is Ceylon, this has done very well also with no care. Redhill has been a strong grower and is very showey also, although I have only had it for 3-4 years. Golden Aura, and Bravoure might warrant a trial also. They do very well at my home in Mississippi also. I certainly am not at 2500 ft. elevation though, probably 700 to 800 ft. Most of the varieties on the Wister list would probably be worthy of trial.