January 23, 2012

Category: Classics

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To those who compiled the Classics list my grateful thanks. It will save much personal time finding out which cultivars I can enter in the classes. I suspect there may be some Aus and NZ cultivars that may be added at some stage.

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  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Dave, and all,
    There is no official list. Any standard registered between 1940 and 1969, whether from Aus or NZ or anywhere else, is eligible for the Classic Classes in the U.S. Just as anything registered prior to 1940 is eligible for the Historics classes.

    Mary Lou

  2. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hi Dave and All,

    The US list will be of some help Dave, but as you know our Classics are
    1940-1960, For those interested our Historics not only encompass Classics
    but also Vintage 1900-1939 and Heritage Pre 1900.

    Looking at the dates I make the Vintage section – like a good wine!!!!?



  3. Donna Dietsch says:

    Mary Lou, Dave & Peter, etc.
    Is it also true that since historics and miniatures and standards, too, can be
    entered in a show even if they are not easily available that it also applies to
    the Classics?
    The list that was prepared only lists those that are available commercially,
    wasn’t that correct?