Miss Muffit, too

February 26, 2012

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Miniatures, Planting

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I had a shock on Thursday- as I recall I have had no flowers in March most years, and here is what I found in my 2009(div 6) and 2008(div 1) plantings. Two yellow flowers were found after I spotted a single flower- on searching most of my plantings the only other color was of a miniature(only in bud and the label has been lost). Miss Muffit was not seen last year and has dwindled to a single bulb if I judge the foliage correctly. My recollection is that it is an asturiensis selection(hybrid) but no other species were seen in bloom. Bonus is a flower I had not seen before(I need to spend more time looking in the fields).
Thank you to Nancy for resizing the photos from my mother’s camera.
John Beck
Bonus 6 Y – Y Grant E. Mitsch 1972 United States
Miss Muffit 1 Y – Y Rosewarne E.H.S. 2002 England

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