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Miniature White – In Bloom Today – REPLY

February 4, 2012

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Dear Brian,

Really, really, LOVE Willie Dunlop’s comment, “It is a sparsely rewarding activity”. Thanks for reminding us of it!!

Re. “Perverse Habits” & “The Dwindles” – Developing daffodils that have a great garden habit is foremost in my mind. Unlike their higher ploidy Standard size brethren, that are generally good garden plants, the Miniature Daffodils DO seem “perverse”. My personal rule of thumb is to expect blank spaces and/or “the Dwindles” in about 15% of my Miniature Seedlings and Selections every year. I believe that this is a fairly accurate statistic based on my experience here and in my growing conditions.

Even Miniature Selections that have been lined out several times and had increased to close to thirty bulbs seem no barrier to disappearance and/or “the Dwindles”. I used to assign the blame for this to some vague and ill defined relationship between the exchange rate for the US Dollar and the Brazilian cruzero. This season I am blaming all such disappearances on the celestial confluence of the planet Venus with the phase of the Moon and/or the Turkish Navy.

Sparsely rewarding is painfully accurate!



One response to “Miniature White – In Bloom Today – REPLY”

  1. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I really admire hybridists who are making advances with miniatures.
    Harold’s amazing introductions blew me away in Murphys and Brian had some
    very good ones when we last visited him. I was interested to discover why
    he had got into this area – “you see flowers after three years not five”!
    As I advance well into the Seniors’ ranks that is very appealing. In NZ
    Bill Dijk, Alistair Davey and Malcolm Wheeler are making great strides. The
    last named sent me a pile of triandrus seed four years ago. Following his
    detailed advice I planted them and they flowered for the first time last
    year. There were some lovely little things amongst them – Lesley exhibited
    three of them and they gained a second placing at the National Show. They
    will of course all be replanted! David Adams keeps giving me bulbs of
    Cyclamineus. This is a division that I love – there is something coy
    about their folded back wings and hanging head. Unfortunately the species
    really struggles to survive. Jim O’More used to plant seed from it every
    year as it seldom lasted more than three years in his climate. I should do
    the same.

    Just a few stats on bulb increase which I meant to post several weeks ago

    OUR BRUCE 1YY Planted 16 in 2010 lifted 42 this year
    NEVER-NEVER 2WY Planted 32 in 2010 lifted 64 this year
    COPPER SHEEN 2OO Planted 24 in 2010 lifted 60 this year
    BARON’SISTER 2YR Planted 24 in 2010 lifted 80 this year
    MILLENIUM III 2WW Planted 8 in 2010 lifted 10 this year
    COVER STORY 1WW Planted 16 in 2010 lifted 14 this year
    TRIPLE PINK 2WP Planted 16 in 2010 lifted 24 this year

    The message seems quite clear – in our climate all yellows and red-yellows
    thrive while all whites and pinks struggle. The annoying part is that while
    I love em all, whites and especially pinks are my favourites!

    Bulb lifting all completed and they are now stored, HWT the next daff chore
    but not until after next weekend when one of Graeme and Faith Miller’s
    daughters (Karlyn) gets married. David and Leitha Adams are staying with us
    for a few days which will give us a chance to chinwag (as Max used to call

    Cheers, Peter