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Stagonospora – Leaf tip browning – Narcissus Leaf Scorch

February 23, 2012

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Fungus, Scorch

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The RHS has some great information and photos of Stagonospora curtisii in Narcissus. The site can be reached at:
Worth reading as the fungus can easily be confused with freeze damage.

I DO pick off the tips of any leaf showing signs and dispose of them in a sealed sandwich type bag. Removal prevents the fruiting bodies from forming and re-infecting the ground and plant in further seasons. I agree with Donna’s advice given her by Sir Frank Harrison.

In the USA, Cleary’s 3336 & A. G. Bayer’s Chipco 26019 are recommended fungicides. I also add 1/2 tsp of Physan 20 or one of its less expensive analogs in lieu of a surfactant or sticker spreader.


Steve Vinisky

Sherwood, Oregon USA

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