Kirby Fong, California

Fortuna show – Quinn Award winner

March 25, 2012

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The Quinn Collection class calls for 24 standard daffodils from at least 5 RHS divisions.
The winning exhibit contains:

Altun Ha 2YYW-W
Carra’s Favorite 8W-OOY
Mason Road 2Y-R
Chromacolor 2W-P
Flor d’Luna 2Y-W
Nicole’s Favorite 8W-Y
3rd row:
Fireonice 3W-R
Dateline 3Y-O
Wier 90-2 (Areley Kings x Lady Diana)
Crackington 4Y-O
Carole Lombard 3W-YYO
Badbury Rings 3Y-YYR
2nd row:
Chicago Hope 1Y-GYY
Windy City 1W-Y
Lemon Springs 5Y-Y
Entrepreneur 2W-GPP
Stubborn 2Y-O
Royal Regiment 2W-O
Pinhook Lagoon 1W-Y
Craig Stiel 2O-O
Diamond Lake 1W-Y
Jonquilawn 7YYW-Y
Watersmeet 4W-O
Drayton 2Y-Y

The exhibitor was yours truly. I managed to arrange the flowers in the classic yellow/white
perianth checkerboard pattern and was careful to photograph all the rows this time.
And this concludes the ADS award winners at the Fortuna show. The ADS awards I did
not post were not awarded.

Kirby Fong

2 responses to “Fortuna show – Quinn Award winner”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Thank you so much Kirby; fantastic job as always! Will post your photos to
    our Face book page now.
    Phyllis Hess


  2. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake says:


    Nancy and I were just talking about your Fortuna Quinn and are admiring how you managed to arrange the blooms in “the classic yellow/white perianth checkerboard pattern”. At the show I noted your pleasing balance of colors but failed to see that every diagonal line had matching colors. One can really see that while looking at your photo.

    Congratulations Kirby and I have to add “Wow!”

    Ben and Nancy