Michael and Lisa Kuduk, Kentucky

Today’s weather report from Kentucky

March 6, 2012

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Intermediates, Soil

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Two seasons in one day today – 22 degrees with snow cover this AM, headed
to 59 this afternoon (already 47). I hope that the snow will have slowed
things down for a day or two. Soil temp today is at 45 degrees.

Mike Kuduk

> In Virginia late yesterday we also had snow flakes. Like Marylou, I am
> three weeks ahead of schedule with Division 6s in bloom as well as Tete
> a Tete, Sweetness, POPS Legacy, Moon Mist, Finlanda and even one 11a
> w-p, Pink Tango… 2 intermediates (Treasure Waltz and DikDik) It is
> also a very wet season here in Virginia!!!
> I enjoyed the Livermore photos, Kirby!
> Ceci Brown
> Growing Daffodils in Virginia
> near the Mobjack Bay
> —-

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