Can you identify this daffodil?

April 19, 2012

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This wonderful narcissus grows at Greenwood Gardens in New Jersey. We would love to know its name, and I would love to find a source so I could plant it in my own garden.

Thank you!

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3 responses to “Can you identify this daffodil?”

  1. J Drew Mc Farland says:

    Nice to know they have some.
    Drew Mc Farland
    Granville, Ohio
  2. David Adams says:

    Hi all,
    Vicki is really keen to find this daffodil, yet many of us would pass it by. I suggest you go back and read two articles I wrote for the NZNDS Annual. 2009 The Pursuit of Perfection and 2010 Forging the Future.

  3. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

      I wonder if your flower has a name? It is pretty typical of early seedlings resulting from crosses between one of the N. pseudonarcissus x N. poeticus many of which were not named.
      A few years ago I made a cross between a very small form of N. primigenius x N. poeticus (Weston 30) in an attempt to get colour into miniature daffodils. The resultant flowers are very variable, one or two similar to your picture but mostly with broader petals, the cup colours range from almost white through yellow to solid or rimmed orange.
      The amazing thing about these seedlings, which are mostly intermediate in size is the phenomenal rate of increase that far exceeds anything else pollinated in the same year – each clone has made clumps of 30 to 40 bulbs from the cross made in 2006. How I wish other miniature crosses would increase at this rate.
      I guess I’ve gone back 100 years or more with these seedlings – but I have achieved some size reduction and if fertile perhaps some potential for breeding miniatures with colour in the cups.
    Brian Duncan