A Fond Farewell to the Season

May 11, 2012

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Ian and all, I picked my last bouquet of daffodils this morning, albeit a small handful of very late things: an Aunt Betty, two Twin Sisters, a Frou-Frou, an Indian Maid, a Satin Blanc, a fully reversed Oryx, and a Pixie’s Sister. Several other doubles and late Div. 3’s appear to have blasted. This weekend is usually our peak bloom here in Minnesota. Ah, it is over for the year… on to the iris, peonies, lilies, daylilies and veggies in the garden. Will have to get out the soil thermometer to see if I can plant the tomatoes and peppers and cantaloupe that I purchased Wednesday; usually I can’t plant the heat-loving veggies until June 1st as our last frost date is May 15th. I’ve had killing frost as late as Memorial Day weekend. I doubt that will happen this year. Nurseries have been scrambling to get things in early this year with our goofy weather. Edie Godfrey


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