Bill Pannill’s wit and charm

June 16, 2012

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In the process of doing research for a future project, I came across an article written by Bill Pannill which appeared in The Daffodil Bulletin in May 1963. (the name of the official ADS publication at that time).

As many of us know, Bill has never been a fan of Division 11, but I thought what he had to say in the second paragraph of his article recapping his experiences at the 8th Annual convention of the AD was so funny I have decided to share it with you here:

“As I entered the lobby of the Stratford Inn, Mary Nelson and Helen Link were staging a daffodil display. At first glance it appeared these daffodils had not quite been rescued from a plane crash, but later I learned they were the new ‘collar” daffodils in division 11 and are supposed to look this way. I think it only fair to mention here that this group of daffodils was admired particularly by the plumbers and pipe fitters attending a union meeting in this room the next evening.”

Chriss Rainey

2 responses to “Bill Pannill’s wit and charm”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    A good story Chriss – and Bill went on to make the point that there are many more pipefitters in the world than daffodil enthusiasts – so those Dutch growers of Split corona daffodils knew what would sell!

  2. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force says:
    Hello all,
    It’s interesting to find out that that union pipefitters were among the first to recognize and appreciate something new in the daffodil world. I worked for 46 years as a member of 614 pipefitters union.
    It’s amazing that the daffodil bonds so many people, from all walks of life together.