John McLennan, New Zealand

Mid winter splits? What next?

June 30, 2012

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Seedling, Standards

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Hi Daffnetters,
Forwarding this one that I received from Graham on June  15 — two weeks ago. No split coronas involved in the cross; just  two very early yellow trumpets.
We can,t offer an explanation, but will happily accept  the result.

Cheers John.

R 39-1 (3) R 39-1 (2)

Hello John Look what turned up in my seedlings today.

Bred from (I 116-6 X F 76-3).

I was hoping for more good early yellows and this Div.11 offers itself. I would rather it had decided to be a Div. 4  but this will be accepted. Do I want to develop a series  of winter blooming splits???


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