Our ADS Student Judges

June 1, 2012

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Good morning everyone.I want to thank everyone for their help guiding student judges while judging local shows, evaluating them and helping them improve their skills.I have received many positive evaluations this year and appreciate your time and efforts.

Some of the students grow many bulbs but others need help.Students do buy bulbs and add to their collection but if it is possible, as you dig bulbs, please share with them.Two years ago several ADS members shared bulbs with students and this gave them a boost, encouragement and additional inspiration to finish the requirements.These gifts also improved their knowledge and in turn, their judging.The schools can only give them the basics but your interest at their local level is the experience they want and need.The time you give is invaluable.

Remember: In the schools the Instructors are well qualified, talented, knowledgeable Accredited Judges (I will provide a list if you wish) who are willing to give of their time and efforts.The school curriculum has not changed except in the Identification process.This was reduced for Schools II and III because of climate issues that arose (and continue to arise) to acquire the necessary numbers.As the chairman I only oversee and help organize the schools, maintain the student’s records and teach when needed. Growing and teaching daffodils for many years as an Instructor for NGC made for a very smooth transition in the process of becoming an ADS judge in 2003 and Instructor 5 years later.

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to help these students along their pathway to the goal of becoming Accredited ADS Judges and more knowledgeable on the judging floor.I will be happy to answer any questions and also can provide you with a list of the students.

Carolyn Hawkins, ADS Judging Schools Chairman.

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