Monthly Archives: June 2012

Emerald Monarch

Hi Daffnetters, A few nice flowers are now giving us some winter pleasure. John Hunter has just posted some of his many Emerald Sea seedlings. I am fortunate to have…

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Emailing: F 76 3b

  F 76 3 This F 76-3 photo taken May 23 last year. This year first bloom opened May 10.The 2 yr down stock is now in full bloom yet…

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Two double narcissus poeticus too

June 3, 2012

  Thanks to everyone for answers! Attached are two more pictures with “The 1930’s”, possibly Spalding form to the left, and the “Traditional”, possibly Tamar Vally form, to the right.…

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Fw: some of the 14/95 cross

This is one of the beds of the Emerald Sea Jonquillas showing their early flowering ability in comparison to the bed in front that holds standard spring (September) flowering daffodils.…

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Fw: 41/98F

Another jonquilla – 41/98F from (Hillstar x {[Hicol x Value] x Obsession}) x Emerald Sea. A highly scented, free flowering jonquilla showing the genetics of viridiflorus through Emerald Sea. Has…

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Fw: 25/95A

Subject: Fw: 25/95A Another twin flowering jonquilla, this one has been in flower for over a month now. Has good form with a long stem. Pure white. Highly scented. Interesting…

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