July 14, 2012

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Hi Folks,
Just to let you know Aaron and Sarah Russ are proud parents of a daughter, Annalisse, but don’t trust my spelling of the name.
On Wednesday our Horticultural Society had their mid winter dinner with about 100 in attendance. Aaron was our guest speaker. He showed photos of daffodils in Norway, mid summer and then took us on a journey from Greenland through the North West Passage. His photography and stories were superb. From there he took us to New Zealand’s sub Antarctic islands and talked about the history and mega herbs of the islands. Aaron has had amazing experiences for a young man. His knowledge of the world and his interpretation of history is superb. A real treat if you need a speaker and, of course, he has been breeding daffodils since he was 14 so he could talk about that too.
David Adams
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One Response to Aaron

  1. July 16, 2012 at 9:31 am
    Shirley Russ has just given me the correct spelling for Aaron’s daughter. She is Anneliese
    Marguerite Russ