John McLennan, New Zealand

Bright early double.

July 11, 2012

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi Daffnetters, A few warmer days here after a cold, frosty period. Flowers have started opening again after the frosts, — also we are a little dry. However,we don,t want the steady rain the U K is getting or the heatwave that so many U S A cities have recently had.

Very pleased with this very bright and early double. Is seedling 07 – 7, breeding 88 – 23 x Early Orbit.

It has had a hard life — bulb fly when lifted after the 2009 season when it did not flower and only a mass of small leaves appeared. Quite obviously it was bulb fly. On lifting about 7 small bulblets were rescued and put in the hospital ward — a deep pot full of tricoderma laden mix. The biggest were planted out last season — no flowers,but pleased to see four bright flowers this week. Questions seem to be popular on daffnet at the moment —

Question — How do the bulb fly always seem to know which are your most prized seedlings ? ? ?? We hear so often that they only take the best. I certainly rated the first flowers of this double – pleased it appears to be back to full health.

Cheers John.

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