Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Can’t win

July 31, 2012

Categories: Diseases and Pests, General, Non-Daffodil

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Hi David and all,

Members of the NDSNZ will know about the battle I have had with pukeko (pooks). They do exactly what David describes. While they are primarily swamp birds but they don’t mind dry land either. I have erected wind breaks around the bulb beds and while they are not flightless they are clumsy when in the air, The windbreak plus regular patrols by the red coated walking scarecrow does deter them somewhat. Unfortunately they are a protected species but they can be shot at in the duck shooting season. They are quite good to eat if you know how to cook them. You need a leather boot to go in the saucepan and after plucking the bird you place the bird and the boot in water and boil for three hours and then simmer a further two hours adding mint, sage, salt, pepper and half a bottle of red wine. When finished the sauce makes a good drink. Then throw away the bird and eat the boot.


 Cheers to everyone.



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