Chicken Grit

August 29, 2012

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 This comment was in the latest issue of the Old Bulbs Gazette:

“After trying to discourage voles and chipmunks by using wire baskets for bulbs and hostas, I now, instead, use chicken grit. It works great, deterring these critters and providing good drainage. For bulbs, just place a 1/2-inch-deep layer of grit in the hole, add the bulb, and cover with grit to the top of the bulb, filling the rest of the hole with soil. For hostas and other plants with fleshy roots, put grit in the bottom of the hole and then mix in grit with the soil that surrounds the plant.”


I don’t have a problem with rodents and daffodils but wondered if there might be other advantages to using this with daffodils.



One response to “Chicken Grit”

  1. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett says:


    Thank you for sharing this article.  I wonder if this grit will deter the underground pests such as moles and pocket gophers from moving our bulbs around.  In the spring, our hillside can become a mystery if we have had too much mole/gopher activity.