George Dorner, Illinois

My Favorite Green Eyes and Yours

August 7, 2012

Categories: Displays & Specialty Exhibits, Standards

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In preparing a display on daffodils for the Emerald City in Oz (Frank Baum’s, not the real one down under) I made up a list of 2 W-GWWs to illustrate variety among blooms with the same code. I picked only pictures from Daffseek of bulbs I have grown or blooms I have seen and admired in shows. I’ll bet some of you have strong opinions and might even wax eloquent about what I left out. I’d be glad to hear about it.


Areley Kings


Ben Hee


David Adams

Emerald Empire


Misty Glen

New Balance


There was only one familiar trumpet with the parallel code, Silent Valley, and there were about a dozen short cups. That could generate another discussion.

George Dorner


P.S. Some prominent hybridizers who frequently hold forth here have no bulbs represented on my list. I hope others will educate me appropriately.



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