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Week of Green Daffodils for the Emerald City – Need a Pic

August 6, 2012

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Some will recall my plea for help on July 3 for ideas for a garden show that is coming up this weekend. Several of you responded with tips, several of which I am incorporating. Thanks.

Now I am asking for a photo of a young bloom from the back which shows the telltale green that would cause points to be lost at one of our shows. I want to give an example of “bad green” to go with all the good things I am saying in the display about green in daffodils – other than stems and leaves 8-).

I don’t know why you would have such a photo, but if you do consider forwarding it to me (digital to get here on time) and you will have been part of the solution to my earlier stated quundary.

I think I’ve used the “green theme” to give an overview of some aspects of daffodil gardening that will be new to most gardeners.

Thanks in advance.

George Dorner


4 responses to “Week of Green Daffodils for the Emerald City – Need a Pic”

  1. Sue Luken, Indiana Sue Luken says:


    Would the pic at the URL below work?  It isn’t mine, but is one from a forum I frequent.  If it ‘fits the bill’ I could email the member, and I’m sure she would probably be pleased to share her picture.

    Sue…I wonder how the URL will show up.  Clickable?


  2. Sue:

    Many thanks. This is a “front view” of a “green when we don’t want it for the show” situation. I’ll use it if the owner OKs it.

    If I get another “back view” I’ll use both.


  3. Sue Luken, Indiana Sue Luken says:

    I have emailed the pic owner and will let you know when I hear back from her.  btw, she said the daffodil is Ice King.


  4. Sue Luken, Indiana Sue Luken says:

    I heard back from her and she was fine with the pic being used.  She asked that I let her know if you need high resolution.