2012 North Island National Show, Hamilton.

September 24, 2012

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Here are all the division 2 premiers, all seven of them.

This bloom is a multi award winner. Premier division 2 y-y, Amateur exhibitor premier bloom, and Amateur Premier large cup. Cameo Jewel, exhibited by Clive Denton

Champion Bloom of the Show, and Premier division 2 y-r, Jamore, exhibited by D & N McQuarrie

Premier division 2 y-w (reverse), seedling G 19, exhibited by D & N McQuarrie.

Premier division 2 w-y, Honeybourne, exhibited Greg Inwood.

Premier division 2 w-r/o, Seedling OC 330, exhibited by D & N McQuarrie.

Two premiers. 2 w-p, and British Raised, Lakeland Fair, exhibited by Ramsay Daffodils.

Premier division 2 w-w, Florence Joy, exhibited by






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