A great gardening tool

September 1, 2012

Category: Planting

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I discovered a tool made by Fiskars that I have found indispensible. It is a weeder. It looks something like a dagger with a blade that is about an inch or so wide. Rather than ending in a point, the tip is forked. One edge of the blade is serrated for easy cutting of tough stems or roots.  Fiskars tells me it can be found at both Meijer’s and Walmart stores. It works very well in our Ohio clay soils. It should also be goo for making plating holes in tough clay soils.

Bill Lee

2 responses to “A great gardening tool”

  1. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner says:

    This sounds like the tool I use for planting minis around my trees Bill. I won this tool for the 5 stem collection that Miggy always offers at our show. It’s SO sharp that when cleaning without being careful, I cut myself with the serrated edge because of the concave shape of the knife edge.

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    Upon looking up the ‘Fiskars’ web site and checking under the section – weeders – there is a tool called “Big Grip Garden Knife” a tool otherwise known on the west coast as a ‘Hori Hori” knife.
    This is truly a tool that I have used extensively for over 25 years and I do not loan it to anyone -ever.