Fw: 97/97A

September 2, 2012

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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My grandson photographed this in the rain today.  This 2W-O is bred from (Corofin x Placid) x Can Can Girl.  The frilling is very fine, compact and solid, a quite unusual daffodil of good size.
We are having a very wet and unusually early flowering season.  A good number of division one, two and four yellow pinks are in flower at present.  These yellow pink seedlings are showing a great improvement in colour and form on previous types grown here. My yellow pink daffodils have evolved from a cross that I made of Fintona x Daydream in the early 1970’s. Seedlings from this cross were later interbred with the best yellow pinks of the late David Bell, Jim O’More, John Byrne and Max Hamilton’s daffodils. The colours are now deep yellow perianths with deep pink coronas of excellent form.

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