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October 23, 2012

Category: Non-Daffodil

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Hi Folks,

After a busy daffodil season our computer was down for a week and then we have taken a much needed break. We joined a Canterbury Horticultural Society tour to Chatham Island for a week. What a fascinating place to visit. 800km from anywhere and totally dependent on a boat bringing supplies when the weather permits. Identified a flower of N Camellia still in flower and many clumps of x medioluteus. We did have difficulty deciding which food to eat each night. The choice was generally between crayfish (rock lobster), blue cod or paua (abalone), all very fresh. Well worth a visit if you have the chance and definitely rustic and miles from anywhere.

Will now catch up with those who have contacted us over the last month.


One response to “We are back”

  1. Dave,

    On our last trip to New Zealand, Brian Duncan and I talked about going on to Steward Island but our ladies, Betty and Nancy, talked us out of it.   This trip I saw the Chatham Islands on the our road map for the first time and I imagined visiting there, but we were heading south to Wellington.  Maybe next trip!  Meantime Dave, can you post a couple of photos of your visit on daffnet?

    Ben 🙂