Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Woodend Spring Flower Show in Rangiora, NZ

October 18, 2012

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Malcolm Wheeler & Rozanne Burnby, Leitha & David Adams at the Woodend Daffodil Show at the Rangiora Baptist ChurchMalcolm and Rozanne Burnby (they show under the name Malroze) and Leitha and David Adams (Templeton Daffodils) at the Woodend Spring Flower Show held north of Christchurch at the Rangiora Baptist Church Hall on Saturday, October 6. This was my last daffodil show in New Zealand and the day before my return home.  I was honored to judge the Open Collection Classes of the daffodils and they were impressive!  Malcolm posted the premiers here earlier. The top winners were David Adams, Malroze, and youth Jack Inwood with some very impressive entries.  I enjoyed the Blokes Only classes in the show, which included competitions for a Dagwood sandwich, a “my favorite thing” photograph (which included photos of 2 dogs, 1 horse, and 1 camper van), and an “Easy Peasy” flower arrangement using 3 leaves and 1 flower.

2 responses to “Woodend Spring Flower Show in Rangiora, NZ”

  1. Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand says:

    that should be ‘Rozanne’ Becky

  2. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    Fixed it, Malcolm.  I had it right everywhere but in the main text!  It’s pretty handy that we can edit our Daffnet posts!