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Koopowitz seedling HK2-08 7W-G

December 11, 2012

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This photograph was taken on December 11, 2012.  Koopowitz seedling HK2-08 7W-G is one of many seedlings in circulation from Harold Koopowitz’s program.  Typically possessing four or five florets, this particular stem has six.  I have seen as many as eight on this particular seedling!

From open pollinated ‘Emerald Sea’, this seedling and one of its siblings have bloomed in the spring and early winter for the past two or three years.  Proof of this occurred when HK2-08 and its sibling, HK6-08, took Blue Ribbons at the Atlanta and Knoxville shows respectively in March 2012, having already bloomed some ninety days earlier.  When I exhibited the two seedlings in March, I debated which classes to enter them in, and opted for Division 12 (because of the ensuing debate over Narcissus viridiflorus and its relation to the jonquil tribe).  Recent conclusions have prompted me to classify these seedlings — grandchildren, of course, of N. viridiflorus — as Division 7s.

HK2-08 is beginning to increase, and I already have a seedling or two from VERY limited crosses coming along, including one from ‘Katrina Rea’ x HK2-08.

Koopowitz seedling hk2 08 7w g dec 11 20121





Greg Freeman

Walhalla, South Carolina, USA



2 responses to “Koopowitz seedling HK2-08 7W-G”

  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:


    Nice to see one of my babies flourishing somewhere else. How many seeds did you get with Katrina Rea?


  2. Harold,

    I only did the cross once (as an experiment, using frozen pollen from the fall before) and ended up collecting eight seeds.  From the eight seeds, I have the lone surviving seedling.  Mind you, we have had some seriously hot springs and dry summers in the past few years, and I generally don’t pamper anything.  If it’s going to make it, it makes it.  I would like to try the cross again.  As before, I think I will freeze some pollen from HK2-08 (which I think is the best of all the ones that I have from ‘Emerald Sea’ open pollinated) and try the cross with ‘Katrina Rea’ again.  I reason there’s no need in fighting the reflex of the perianths (which is characteristic of both flowers).  I actually like it.  Since ‘Katrina Rea’ has great overlap, perhaps that will be transmitted.  The goal, of course, is to see some of the green corona transmitted from HK2-08, and that’s really where the challenge might be since it appears to breed out so easily.  It seems like I recall seeing something you produced from ‘Beryl’ and a N. viridiflorus descendant, and I really liked that look.  If it wasn’t  yours, perhaps it was Bob Spotts’.  I like having daffodils this time of year, but it looks like my lone ‘Katrina Rea’ x HK2-08 is going to be a spring flower.  That’s not to say I might not end up with some fall/early winter bloomers if I make the cross enough times.

    And, as for flourishing, like I shared with Becky on here the other day, ALL of the seedlings you have sent me remain in the ground all year long.  I don’t containerize them and move them according to the whims of the weather.  So HK2-08 seems to have settled right in.  On the other hand, I have lost a few of its siblings.  You originally sent seven seedlings from ‘Emerald Sea’ open pollinated, and I’m left with two or three.  Thankfully, I’m left with what I feel are the best ones!