Tom Stettner, Ohio

excuse me, but George?

January 2, 2013

Category: Daffodil Enthusiasts

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Apologies for posting this to Daffnet, but would George Dorner please contact me privately?

Thanks much!



7 responses to “excuse me, but George?”

  1. Sue Luken, Indiana Sue Luken, Indiana says:


    I just sent you an email with the 2 addresses I have for George.  Hopefully at least one is correct.

    Btw, when I click on an envelope (like in your post above) my computer goes nuts and opens tabs and tabs, and tabs until I press and hold the button to shut the computer down.  I had that happen when I clicked on an email envelope in one of Harold’s posts too.  Do the email envelopes work for anyone?  I thought maybe it was just my computer or a bad ”envelope’ of Harold’s, but now I suspect it is a bigger problem.

    Can anyone else email Tom via the envelope in his post?


  2. Admin2 says:

    If you you see an email envelope symbol on a Daffnet post, your web browser should bring up your email program and also should a display the email address correctly.

    This feature of Daffnet is implemented by a software “plugin” which obfuscates email addresses. The support site for this plugin indicates that it is known to not work with “hotmail”.

    We tested this feature with Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome,  Safari,  and Konqueror  browsers.  We also verified it works on Android and Apple Ipad tablets. The Apple Ipad test was with Google “gmail” and that worked too.  I mention this because “gmail” is web based like “hotmail”.

    The purpose of the email “encryption” feature is to prevent web bots, designed for email address harvesting, from getting the address.  The address is not actually encrypted, it uses javascript to make it harder for web bots to find.

    When we transferred all those past mailing-list messages, dating back to 2003, we removed any personal address we found.

    We suggest people do not post their physical addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers on any web site.

  3. Melissa Reading, California says:

    When I click on the envelope, Eudora, my email program, opens one new message addressed correctly to Tom.  Seems to work fine.


  4. Melissa Reading, California says:

    Why is there an icon of a quilt square in the corner of my post?


  5. Admin2 says:

    The icon is an avatar, which Daffent automatically assigns to new members.

    If you want to chose another image, just logon to daffnet, and go to “Manage” your profile, and upload your new image.   We recommend a square image and the size can be anything because the avatar is automatically scaled down as needed.

    I’ll bet you Melissa can create a really nice one! 🙂

  6. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    I see the e-mail symbol in Tom’s original post but not in any of the responses. Is this normal? Also what is the rectangle at the bottom of each response that turns red when I click on it but doesn’t do anything.



  7. Admin2 says:

    The e-mail symbol or envelope icon is displayed whenever an email address is in the text of a post or comment.  An example here is  title=.  What is normal is determined by what each individual member puts in their text. 🙂

    The rectangle at the bottom of each response that turns red when you click on it but doesn’t do anything is the “reply” button specific to a previous comment.  Previously this button was active because we had enabled threaded comments.  We decided to disable this feature because we want comments to be related to the original post. Now that button is inactive, nothing happens when you click it.  We will remove this inactive button in the future.