George Dorner, Illinois

Good News/Bad News In Chicago

January 11, 2013

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An article with a January 9 photo of tulips about 2 inches tall was in yesterday’s local paper. The previouse evening’s TV news showed a similar photo of daffodils emerging about 60 miles south of here.


Looks like I may have blooms to enter in the national show for the second year in a row. But what of our local show on  April 27-28? Cancelled again?


George in Kildeer



4 responses to “Good News/Bad News In Chicago”

  1. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    George, in a word, from Minnesota to Mississippi, the answer is simple:


    It works, I guarantee, from experience.


  2. Ray Rogers, New Jersey says:

    OK, first thing: this is my first Daffnet post (at last!). Second: I’m no longer in New Jersey but instead now live in Cleveland, Wisconsin (a little shy of two hours north of Milwaukee). Third: OMG. Not another early spring! I’m looking forward to entering the Chicago Show and maybe Minnesota. Not even the most magically powerful refrigerator in the world can hold daffs for more than three weeks, can it? An early spring could mean I’ll have some entries for Columbus, however . . .

  3. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Yes, Ray. You have to believe. It is probably essential that you have a one-day show, or just can go home and not think about your 2nd day blooms. But we had fine flowers from 4 weeks in the refrigerator at CMDS last year. Go back and find Margaret Macneale’s article with pictures a couple of springs ago.




  4. Sue Luken, Indiana Sue Luken, Indiana says:

    Last year, due to ‘the winter that never arrived’ and many bulbs being planted really late, I had numerous blooms, some refrigerated and many freshly picked ones for the April 20-21 National Show.  I also had numerous blooms the following weekend for the Washington PA show.

    You just never know who might locally, or from afar, have numerous blooms from late plantings or that have been refrigerated.  There were several shows I would have gladly traveled to last year that were cancelled.  I was so disappointed as show after show was cancelled and I had so many nice blooms I was wanting to show off.  I might have picked up a Silver Ribbon or two.

    Remember the article in the Journal a few years back about the MN show when blooms were so early?  I’m thinking the show had fewer exhibitors than ever, but the show was just as big, or even bigger than normal.  If I remember correctly, some of the  blooms had been refrigerated as long as 6 weeks.