Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

A curiosity

February 21, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing

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This is a curiosity in more ways than one.  I’ve no idea what the parentage is, and I’ve never seen a daffodil with the pistil extending out like that except on bulbocodiums.  The bloom is in a pot of bulbs which Harold sent me some years ago, aureus x miniatus, and it blooms in October.  One year there was a seedpod, and I put the seeds in the pot with the mother bulbs.  So I’m assuming that is one parent.  I was watching the “bloom” for several days, waiting for it to open.  When it became clear this is as “open” as it gets, I looked closer.  I’m guessing that the petals are the tiny strips (now browning) and that the remainder is the cup.  It is not fully formed, and there are no prominent anthers.  There may be little nubs way down inside.  Very little else blooms in October, though ‘Peppermint’ came into bloom one year as the aureus x miniatus was almost over.  Could this be the other parent?  And why, when both presumed parents bloom in October, does this little flower appear in February?

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