Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Bulbocodium – Wider Petals

February 22, 2013

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This is a bulbocodium hybrid from the late Ed Zinkowski. ZN03-20-14 is my Selection from Ed’s cross of N. obesus x N. b. praecox. It has much wider petals than most along with a consistent show form.

My idea is that Ed used the N. b. praecox for many of his crosses attempting to create bicolor bulbocodium hybrids from the species. Some few of this grex are pale as in the N. b. praecox parent but most all of his resulting seedlings with the N. obesus parent are a deep yellow.

This clone has been Selected and is in the evaluation process. I think it is fairly distinct.


One response to “Bulbocodium – Wider Petals”

  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    This type bulbocodium appeals to me much more than the usual ones, Steve.  I love the bright color and the petals and it looks like it has really good substance.  I grow a good many bulbocodiums (outdoors) primarily because I love how many of them bloom at odd times when few other daffodils are in bloom.  That was a very nice arrangement of miniatures you posted and it is such fun to see all the new varieties!