Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Congratulations to the MidSouth Daffodil Society

February 4, 2013

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Many of us just opened our email and found the first newsletter from the MidSouth Daffodil Society, in Memphis.  Colorful, informative, and an enticement to find room on our traveling schedule this spring.

This will be the third year for this group to have a show, which is held at beautiful Dixon Gardens, and includes both a standard ADS show and a “fun” show section for gardeners who have daffodils but do not know their names.

The show itself will be Saturday, March 23; on Sunday Jason Delaney, director of horticulture at MOBOT and ADS Display Gardens chairman, will present a program for the daffodil-minded public.

This all reminds me of how “everything old is new again.” This is actually a resurrected Society. The old Mid-South Society was a strong force in our region from the late 1960s well into the 1990s, hosting three ADS conventions. This is another walk down Memory Lane, but I am thinking how happy Leslie and Martha Anderson and all the other motivating spirits of this show would be to see it back on everyone’s spring schedule.

Congratulations to all of the MidSouth members for making a daffodil event bloom again.

Loyce McKenzie, Madison, Mississippi





One response to “Congratulations to the MidSouth Daffodil Society”

  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    The Memphis show is a great one!  I was there last year.  This year our Nashville show at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and the Memphis show at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens are the same weekend, March 23-24.  I hope those of you who like to travel will come to some part of Tennessee that weekend, either Memphis in west TN or Nashville in the central part of the state (and the East TN. show in Knoxville, the SE regional, is the weekend before, March 16 in Maryville).  We are also offering Judges School 1 in Nashville on Friday, March 22.  Please contact me for information on the Judges School or on our show.