John McLennan, New Zealand

Summer Flowers Otaki Show

February 5, 2013

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The Otaki Horticultural Society held our Dahlia and Gladioli Show on Friday1
and Saturday 2 February .Several well known Daffodil breeders and exhibitors
are also excellent gladioli breeders and exhibitors .We were very
pleased to have Spud Brogden and Wayne Hughes down to support our show .Wayne  Hughes  and  Spud  Brogden
All the glads in the show were seedlings from these two great hybridists .
The Champion Bloom was a large pink formal , ” EPIC ” from Spud .
Second day Champion was a White / Cream formal from Wayne .Champion  Bloom  " EPIC "2nd  Day  Champ
Another large formal that caught the eye was a Brogden sdlg ” Ruffled Joy ” ; it was the most ruffled formal on the bench , in two attractive shades of pink .The large row of formals , mostly from Wayne , were an impressive sight .' Ruffled  Joy "Great  big  formals
All the informals on show , zig-zag style flower placement , were raised by Wayne ; some great colour blends .Informals -zig-zag  flower  placementWayne  at  work .

2 responses to “Summer Flowers Otaki Show”

  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    Thanks for posting the photos, John!  I’m making my first presentation on Spring Gardens in New Zealand tonight to a local Master Gardeners group.  It’s fun to see more New Zealand flowers and familiar faces!  Here in middle TN I have hundreds of daffodils in bud and, according to the Weather Channel’s long-range prediction, only one night in the rest of February will go down to freezing temps with most days in the upper 50’s.  If they’re right, I’ll be seeing lots of blooms soon, though we have had ice storms in March.  I’m appreciating the 1″ of snow we had last weekend.

  2. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney, Missouri says:

    Wow!   Those are some glads!   And how nice to see Spud and Wayne again. 

    Thanks for posting!  🙂