Ben Blake, California

2013 Fortuna California Show Venue

March 25, 2013

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Northern California Daffodil Society members added our daffodils to the Fortuna Garden Club’s entries.  The garden club members contributed many beautiful artistic arrangements and some new local people exhibited their blooms for the first time.  One of the most obvious and notable features of the Fortuna show is the amount of community involvement.

There were many flower arrangements both from adults and school children.  All of drawings, and photographs were from schools.  There was a display of paintings by adult artists many of which were for sale.

The following photos are meant to show what the show venue is like.  Kirby Fong will post the photos and information about the show winners.

I did not have a chance to put photo captions on these.   All the drawings and photos on the walls were by local school children.  Photo “Img1684” shows Nancy and Jerry Wilson and Bob Spotts.  Photo “Img1679” is Jan Moyers and the Wilson’s granddaughter Clara.

I took most of these photos late in the day on Saturday and by then the crowds had thinned out.  By Sunday morning, the place was crowded with visitors.

The Fortuna Garden Club has to pay something like $2500 for the facility’s use over the weekend.  They planted and sold about 390 daffodil pots at the show to cover most of this cost.   In past years, they have run out of pots to sell because the public is so interesting in buying them.

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  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Ben, thanks for giving us an overview of the show!  Great to see all the children’s drawings, and the community involvement.