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2013 Livermore Show – Standard Multiple-Cultivar Awards

March 6, 2013

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This is the second of three posts with the results of the Livermore daffodil show. In this post I cover the collections of standard daffodils. The first post was about the ADS awards for standard daffodils that feature a single cultivar. The third post will be about the miniatures.

The winning youth collection of 5 was exhibited by Nick Swanson.  The flowers are – Back: ‘Fort Mitchell’ 1W-Y, ‘Miss Primm’ 2Y-Y, ‘Barrett Browning’ 3WWY-O; Front: ‘Falstaff’ 2Y-O, ‘Hot Gossip’ 2Y-O.

Best Youth Collection exhibited by Nick Swanson







The winning classic collection of 5 was exhibited by Bob Johnson. The flowers are – ‘Matador’ 8Y-GOO (1958), ‘Torridon’ 2Y-O (1964), ‘Juel’ 2Y-ORR (1969), ‘Jetfire’ 6Y-O (1966), ‘Surfside’ 6W-Y (1972).  The classics era is defined to be 1940 through 1969, so I think I see an anomaly, but anyway here’s the collection.

Classic Collection Ribbon Winner exhibited by Bob Johnson






The Red-White-Blue Ribbon is for the best collection of 5 American-bred standards.  The winning exhibitor was Steve Hampson. The flowers are – Back: Koopowitz 2008-020 1Y-Y, ‘David Adams’ 2W-GWW (Wheatley), ‘Miss Primm’ 2Y-Y (Dorwin); Front: ‘Rapture’ 6Y-Y (Mitsch), ‘Bright Songster’ 2Y-O (Frey).

Red-White-Blue Ribbon Winner by Steve Hampson






The Purple Ribbon is for the best collection of 5 standard daffodils excluding the historic collection of 5.  The winning exhibitor was yours truly. The flowers are – Back: ‘Caitlin’s Favorite’ 8W-Y, ‘Avalanche of Gold’ 8Y-Y, ‘Rua’ 8W-W; Front: ‘Hilary Marea’ 8W-Y, ‘Sugar Cups’ 8Y-Y. It’s not often that a tazetta collection is going to win the Purple Ribbon!

Purple Ribbon winner exhibited by Kirby Fong







The best intermediate collection of 5 was exhibited by Bob Spotts.  The flowers are – Back: 13-1-53 3YYG-YYR, 13-1-56 2Y-YOO, 13-1-45 3WWG-YYO; Front: 13-1-55 1Y-O, 13-1-58 1Y-Y.

Intermediate Collection Ribbon Winner exhibited by Bob Spotts






The Bozievich Ribbon is for the best collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 4 RHS divisions.  Melissa Reading exhibited the winning collection. The flowers are – Back: ‘Trumpet Warrior’ 1YYW-WWY, ‘Bryanston’ 2Y-Y, ‘Elusive’ 3W-R, ‘Renovator’ 1Y-Y; Middle: ‘Goff’s Caye’ 2YYW-W, ‘Hot Gossip’ 2Y-O, ‘Helford Dawn’ 2Y-W, ‘Entente’ 2Y-O; Front: ‘Terminator’ 2Y-R, ‘Beset’ 1W-Y, ‘Jack Wood’ 11aY-YYO, ‘Sally Malay’ 2Y-P.

Bozievich Ribbon Winner exhibited by Melissa Reading








The Throckmorton Ribbon is for the best collection of 15 standard daffodils of 15 different RHS classifications. A classification is the division number plus the color code. Melissa Reading exhibited the winning entry. The flowers are – Back: ‘Elusive’ 3W-R, ‘Trumpet Warrior’ 1YYW-WWY, ‘Entente’ 2Y-O, ‘Helford Dawn’ 2Y-W, ‘Renovator’ 1Y-Y; Middle: ‘Bryanston’ 2Y-Y, ‘Southern Hospitality’ 4YR, ‘Goff’s Caye’ 2YYW-W, ‘Lightning Fire’ 2O-R, ‘Twilight Zone’ 2YYW-WWY; Front: ‘Jack Wood’ 11aY-YYO, ‘Trena’ 6W-Y, ‘Matador’ 8Y-GOO, ‘Beset’ 1W-Y, ‘Bright Candle’ 2Y-R.

Throckmorton Ribbon Winner by Melissa Reading







The Quinn Award is for the best collection of 24 standard daffodils from at least 5 RHS divisions. Exhibitor of the winning exhibit was Bob Spotts. The flowers are –    Top Row: ‘Brooke’s Bears’ 8W-Y, ‘Cactus Blossom’ 2W-Y, 13-1-58 2Y-Y,13-1-44 2Y-Y, 13-1-26 2W-O, 13-1-61 8W-O; Third Row: 13-1-63 3Y-GGO, 13-1-62 1Y-Y, 13-1-70 7Y-GOO, 13-1-60 7Y-YOO, SS1512 1Y-Y, 13-1-72 6Y-YOO; Second Row: 13-1-5 1YYW-Y, 13-1-69 3Y-GGO, 13-1-73 4Y-YOO, 13-1-71 6OOG-O, 13-1-43 7YYG-GGO, ‘Mesquite’ 2Y-Y; Front Row: 13-1-1 3Y-GOO, 31-1-67 3YYG-GYY, 13-1-75 3WWG-O, 13-1-52 8W-W, 13-1-76 7YYG-GYO, 13-1-576 3Y-YRR.

Quinn Award Winner by Bob Spotts

2 responses to “2013 Livermore Show – Standard Multiple-Cultivar Awards”

  1. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    Kirby, thank you so much for your efforts getting the photos taken and then on to Daffnet.  It does look as though y’all had a few more blooms than we had in GA.  Weather, weather, weather … it always takes its toll LOL.


  2. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett, California says:


    Our California hybridizer who specializes in green standards, Bob Spotts, brought well over a hundred seedlings to this show.  Our season is running a little late this year, but that did not deter Bob’s seedlings with N. viridiflorus in their family tree.  In fact, I cannot remember Bob entering one named variety in this show, unless it was one of his own!

    Way to go Bob!