Ian Tyler, England

Kirkham Show Lancashire UK. Part the second!

March 16, 2013

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Dear All,

As a postscript and for those of you who love stuffed cup!

While judging at Kirkham I came across two flowers of Rapture with stuffed cups, the exhibitor had not noticed and put them in a vase of 3 much to our amusement Keith Capper and I named them Double Rapture or Stuffed Rapture!

I’m not sure if this was a mutation or sport but I’m trying to obtain the bulbs to grow on!

This I’m sure would put the cat amongst pigeons in Div 8

         Ian :o)

4 responses to “Kirkham Show Lancashire UK. Part the second!”

  1. Sorry I’m going Mad!

    Div 4 I should have said, with all this doubling 4+4 = 8!

    Ian :o(

  2. Nancy Wilson, California says:

    Ian it will be interesting to see if it is stable next year.  My neighbor bloomed a double, double flower like a Telemonius plennus that has continued to double every year and often puts on two flowers to a stem.  It is a riot, just overdoes itself. Nancy Wilson

  3. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    Ummm …… How does an exhibitor NOT notice this??? :)))

  4. Hi Darrin,

    The lady exhibitor had never shown a daffodil in her life and confessed to me that she never looked inside the cup, just picked them and put them on the show bench, I afraid this eagle eyed judge dropped on it strait away!

    So the exhibit was not considered for a prize but was not NAS as at this show we need to attract exhibitors not put them off!

    She was thrilled to have a novelty exhibit, so that made her day.