Daily Archives: April 7, 2013

Oregon Daffodil Society – Portland Show – 2013

April 7, 2013

The Oregon Daffodil Society held its second show this past weekend in Portland, Oregon at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. The show is held jointly with the American Rhododendron Society, Portland…

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Seedling Intrigue X OPS

Bill Pannill, In 2006 I told you that I got seeds from Intrigue 7Y-W and you asked if they got to bloom to let you know what I got.  Not…

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Seedling N. jonquilla X Brackenhurst

Bob Spotts, I have a question, I breed for color in N. jonquilla and N. bulbocodium.  This was a cross N. jonquilla (seed) X. ‘Brackenhurst’ (pollen).  The first couple of…

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Help with Oregon Bulb Farm people photos

One collection in DaffLibrary.org is the third item under the Historics Pubs titled “Oregon Bulb Farm.” This collection is comprised of three photo galleries of old machinery, shows  and people…

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