Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

ADS Silver Medal recipient Jeanie Driver

April 16, 2013

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Jeanie Driver was unable to attend the recent ADS Convention
in Columbus, Ohio to receive the ADS  Silver Medal for meritorious
service to the American Daffodil Society. Steve Vinisky and
his local society were able to surprise Jeanie with the award at a dinner
in Oregon a few days before the ADS convention. Steve swore the
group to secrecy until the award was made public in Columbus. I
wanted to share another photo Steve sent me of the presentation.
Congratulations, Jeanie!

Steve awards the ADS Silver Medal to Jeanie Driver

Steve awards the ADS Silver Medal to Jeanie Driver




One response to “ADS Silver Medal recipient Jeanie Driver”

  1. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney, Missouri says:

    A long overdue award for such a fine contributor to our world of daffodils.  Congratulations, Jeanie!