Nancy Tackett, California

DaffSeek Info and Photo Update

April 1, 2013

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Yesterday, we completed the March update for  bringing the total number of daffodils in DaffSeek to 23,100.  We thank the many contributing hybridizers for providing their information and photos for their recently registered daffodils as well as the generosity of all of you who photograph daffodils and take the time to send your photos to us.

As of today, there are 252 photographers from 20 countries who have contributed more than 25,000 photos. Without the generosity of these talented photographers, a vital feature of DaffSeek would not be possible.

If you have information or photographs to contribute to DaffSeek, please contact us using either a Daffnet or DaffSeek contact form.

Many thanks again for your continued support in making DaffSeek the wonderful daffodil resource it has become.

Ben and Nancy


4 responses to “DaffSeek Info and Photo Update”

  1. Ralph Sowell, Mississippi says:

    Thanks, Nancy and Ben, for making it possible for us to see blooms, and confirm identifications. I can’t imagine how we did without it!  We appreciate your hard work to make this possible.


  2. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner, Ohio says:

    I absolutely 2nd Ralphs appreciation!. Ben & Nancy have done an amazing job of keeping the ADS on the high end of technology. Daffseek and Daffnet are fantastic resources for all of us!.

  3. Molly Adams, Tennessee Molly Adams, Tennessee says:

    I would be lost without these valuable resources! Thank you!

  4. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland says:

    Ben and Nancy,

    You have created something that several years ago most of us could never have imagined possible. Such a wonderful reference and research tool as well as being a spectacular picture book of practically all daffodils worth looking at.  I just wonder – ‘what next??? Meantime, grateful thanks for many hours of enjoyment spent perusing DaffSeek – and it is so easy and quick to use. I hope you appreciate just how much you have done for the Daffodil Fraternity!?