Ted Snazelle, Mississippi

‘Daphne’ 4 W-W (1914) F. Culpin Eng

April 28, 2013

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Much to my delight, ‘Daphne’ 4 W-W won the Best Pre-1940 cultivar at the recent ADS Columbus National Daffodil Show.  I fell in love with ‘Daphne’ back in the 1970s when I first saw it in a Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society Show at Cheekwood in Nashville.  Later, I exhibited ‘Daphne’ in a Green Ribbon entry at a daffodil show in Dayton, Ohio.  No, I did not win the Green Ribbon.  However, Handy Hatfield won the Green Ribbon and almost all the other ADS Ribbons at Dayton, if I remember correctly.  I no longer have ‘Daphne’ as I must have lost it soon after moving to Mississippi now almost 33 years ago.

Ted Snazelle

Clinton, MS


Daphne 4 W-W Best Pre-1940 Snazelle 2

One response to “‘Daphne’ 4 W-W (1914) F. Culpin Eng”

  1. Melissa Reading, California says:

    There were several stems of Daphne in the Columbus show.  I found myself stopping in at odd moments just to smell them!  What a heavenly scent they have.  And they were beautiful as well.